Working on something Inventive?

We want to hear about it! Our speciality is complex, cutting edge software and games, and we love a good challenge.


Software consulting

Tell us about your project!

Cutting edge stuff = bespoke solutions

Whether that’s modifying a game engine or creating all sorts of custom stacks – let’s figure it out together.

Tech Consultancy

Our clients often have their own developers, we want to craft roadmaps that we can go down together – whether or not we’d be needed for the actual development too.


What’s that, a bunch of letters? It is! It’s also something we do quite a bit of. We work a lot with game engines for serious applications as well as research and development projects.

Full Stack Development

What else? You guessed it, everything! Between the six of us we can take things from concept through to launch, that said, our capacity for development is limited so we try to focus on the really juicy challenges.

SKills n’ such

Design + full stack + Production

We can support from concept through to implementation, though generally we prefer to work together on finding a roadmap together. Our primary technical interests are:

  • Game Engines
  • Applied Gaming, Serious Games
  • VR/XR/AR/MR – All those realities
  • Innovative projects (R&D, New Products)
  • Regular Games & Production



Hmm? sealtime?

A rogue team of designers and developers at the core. Curious, solution-oriented, and driven: we thrive on taking on the most difficult or challenging work that emerges when creating something new, cutting edge, or innovative.

More about the Team
Sealtime Logo - Sealtime GmbH Logo
Sealtime Logo – Sealtime GmbH Logo
Seal team

Our wonderful staff

They love getting their photo taken. Can’t you tell?

Ilja Immler
Ilja “Big Tuna” Immler

CEO | Software Design

Anas Pomelova
Anas “King Perry Stroika” Pomelova

Software & Game Developer

Dominik Onnertz
Dominik “Domi” Onnertz

COO | Producer

Juš Lozej
Juš “Gandalf” Lozej

Art Director | CTO

Aurel Eppert
Aurel “Black Lotus” Eppert

Game Development |Game Design |Prototyping

Ethan Grant
Ethan “ethan Grant” Grant

Production | Business Development

Are you a seal?

No? Reach out to us anyway.

Project Consultation

psst… the first one is free...

We’ll always be upfront about what we can and can’t do, and we won’t sugar-coat the hard truths. At the same time, we’re friendly and approachable, and we’re always happy to answer questions, offer guidance, and provide support throughout the entire project lifecycle.

In short, we’re a team that specialises in the tough stuff. We’re honest, (Bavarian level honest), while also polite (Irish level polite), and we’re ready to help you create something truly amazing.

All at sea? Sealtime has got you covered.